3 Ways to Work Dutch Style

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a massive fan of travelling!  I love meeting new people, learning about new cultures and going on an adventure.  The older I get, the itchier my feet become and I recently crossed another location off my bucket list: Amsterdam.

I’d love to pretend that it was a cool, spontaneous decision but, in fact, I spent months barely containing my excitement.  I researched attractions to visit, sent holiday countdowns to my friends and tried to plan my wardrobe carefully. However, I found it pretty difficult to prepare my wardrobe for a country I had never visited before.  In the end I learnt from good old mistakes and this is what I found out about style in Amsterdam:

  1. WEAR FLAT SHOES:  Amsterdam is quite small and although there are plenty of good public transport options, it’s much easier to walk and to walk you need suitable walking shoes.  Do your ankles a favour and avoid heels at all costs as the famous Dutch cobbled streets can get quite slippery in the rain.  Fight back against blisters (I learnt the hard way kids) and wear funky flat footwear that fits.
  2. The 2 L’s, LIGHT LAYERS: I went to Amsterdam in Autumn, when the weather was quite changeable, and wearing plenty of light layers meant I could adapt to the weather easily.  For one day, I literally threw a BOY London T-shirt over a Topshop dress for the daytime and then added a light jumper with a denim jacket for the evening.  That’s all I needed, it was that easy.  Having lots of layers meant I had lots of options, keeping me covered for all weathers.
  3. LETS KEEP IT CASUAL: By far the best thing about fashion in Amsterdam, is that the Dutch absolutely nail the casual attire look.  A few clean, comfortable pieces with some statement accessories are all you need.  Many outfits I noticed favoured neutral colours but fashion is all about fun so throw in a bold colour if you’re feeling really wild but the main goal is comfort.  My favourite look was a suede trench coat, trainers, black jeans and knitted jumper over an oversized shirt. Simple, practical and somehow sassy.

Hopefully, if you stick to these tips, you’ll be covered whatever the season. Have an amazing time!

Photo Credit: Codie Hobbs

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