Review: Diorskin Forever Foundation

In my opinion, foundation is without a doubt the hardest make up to buy.  I have wasted time and money trying to buy the right foundation for years!  I have combination skin, which is already a pain, PLUS it’s also prone to acne, has large pores and very dry areas which, as you can imagine, was a real treat in my teens. From high street to high end, from powder to liquid, the search for the right foundation nearly beat me.  However, ladies and gentlemen, I think the tireless struggle might just be over.

Enter Diorskin Forever foundation.

The stars must have aligned a few weeks ago when I stumbled across a sample in ELLE magazine.  I gave the foundation a try but I could only put on a tiny amount because the colour was far too dark for my skin (Casper’s got nothing on me, seriously).  Even so, I was quite impressed with the foundation as it didn’t dry out my skin, which, quite frankly, is a friggin’ miracle.  Consequently, I decided to take the plunge and buy a bottle.

Thankfully, the Dior staff had an app which took a reading of my skin colour and could therefore provide a correct match for me.  I know this isn’t new technology but it was still very helpful for someone who struggles to buy the right foundation.

Diorskin Forever Foundation was £33 and the bottle is about 2/3 of the length of my hand.  £33 is more than I usually pay for foundation but I would gladly spend the money again because it actually worked.  The packaging is really sleek and sophisticated and the lid for the foundation is quite secure, which is always a relief if you’re worried about foundation spilling all over your handbag.

Dior market this product as a lasting foundation with a ‘pore-refining effect’.  It also has SPF 35 and is said to have shine control for those of us with oily skin.

I would agree that this foundation is long lasting.  I have worn it from work to a night out before and none of foundation has crept into my ever increasing wrinkles.  The Forever foundation is also really easy to apply and blended very well.  If you’re looking for heavy coverage, this may not be the best foundation for you.  However, it made my skin tone really even and did cover up a lot of my acne as well.   As promised, Diorskin Forever foundation provides quite a nice matte finish but there is still a tiny bit of shine to add a youthful glow which is really nice.  Matte finishes tend to emphasize my dry skin so I usually steer clear but surprisingly this struck the perfect balance.

I know I have a very unique skin type but I really do think this foundation is a good all rounder and it will work well for many.  It looks great, provides decent coverage whilst giving my skin a glow so I would definitely recommend it.




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