Tall Hearts. Can’t Lose.

A few weeks ago, I was prepping myself for a night out.  Picture the scene: Beyonce on full volume, girls drinking gin, rejected clothes scattered all over the floor.  It was that kind of night, that kind of feeling in the air and I was excited.

I always enjoy the process of getting ready for a night out.  I love dressing up and experimenting with make up because I get to be completely creative!  On this occasion, I was thoroughly impressed with my outfit and for once, I dared to wear an A line skirt.  I usually stay away from short skirts and dresses because, at 5’10’’, I typically end up accidentally revealing my ass to the whole world but I was confident with my choice this time.  It was a beautiful M&S skirt with oriental foil detail (big thumbs up to M&S, they’re limited collection is gorgeous at the moment) and it sat just above my knee.  I felt sassy and ready for a great night out.

Only it didn’t end as well as it started.  Whilst I was socialising at a bar, a stranger came up to me and whispered the words every tall girl dreads . . .

“I think you need a longer skirt love”.

My heart instantly sunk.  My smile fell from my face.  I instantly reached to yank down my skirt.  Granted, although my skirt was an acceptable length, when you add 3/4 inch heels to the mix a short skirt can feel even shorter but I didn’t realise it was so bad that a stranger would feel the need to comment.  I wanted to punch this person and start a sassy speech asking him if he knew how difficult it is to buy tall clothing that actually covers my ass.  However, I suffer from Post Traumatic Confrontation Disorder (I may have just made that up) so I settled with laughing this idiot away and then instantly thought of 30 incredibly witty comebacks.  Yeah, I know.

The whole night I tried to get those thoughts out of my head and even though my friends were showering me with compliments, I couldn’t shake those negative thoughts.  My confidence plummeted and I wanted to go home and get changed.

Fast forward a few weeks and you’ll find me in my office, writing this post, feeling like the biggest idiot in the world.  I am a woman who prides herself on trying to love every part of who I am.  I appreciate the things that make me different and believe people should focus on sharing positive thoughts and yet I feel so disappointed that I let one person’s opinion ruin my night.  I never usually let anyone’s opinion phase me but sometimes, I feel quite sensitive about my height, and this time it got to me.  So this, my friends, is an open letter to all my tall companions around the world.

To all the tall ladies and gentlemen, who bang their heads on 70% of door frames, who rejoice when they find clothes that fit them, who are met with “Woah, how’s the weather up there?” almost every day, I just want to say, you look wonderful!

Some people think our taller than average height is a curse.  Some people think we look a bit imposing.  Some people even think us ladies are really brave for wearing heels at our freakishly tall height.  Oh, you laugh, but it’s a conversation I’ve had far too many times.  However, they don’t know that we’re the ones having a tonne of fun!  We will never get lost in a crowd as you’ll always be able to see us and the supermarket is our domain as we can reach any food we want on the top shelf!  Plus, we share the same height with most of the top models in the world and if they can work it why can’t we?  Being different is a blessing, not a curse and we should be proud of we are.

Yes, I do stand out like a sore thumb with my friends, especially because they are all about a foot shorter than me.  Do I wish that more stores stocked tall fit clothing, absolutely!  Do I wish that I could wear more mini skirts, totally!  Do I struggle to find a guy taller than me, sadly yes!  But in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

I know it’s cliche but it’s cliche for a reason.  If we could all love what makes us different, we would definitely be a stronger society.  Can’t we all start celebrating our differences instead of putting others down?


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