Turning 25

On September 3rd 2016, I officially turned 25, a number closer to 30 than 20.


I’m not going to lie, 25 sounds weird to me but over the past few months my brain has subconsciously prepared my body for this moment.  So, much to my friends disappointment, when the day arrived I wasn’t crying in a corner or ripping up birthday cards. I was enjoying myself with my best people I know!  Here’s what I got up to:

As per usual, I made my birthday an all weekender event because why the hell not, right?  It’s my party and I’m going to make it last as long as I can.  On the actual day, I was woken up at an ungodly hour by my family who really don’t understand personal boundaries.  It goes without saying that I was well and truly spoilt.  After I finally made it out of bed, we all went to Boston Tea Party for brunch, which was delicious, and then went shopping with my brother.  He left for university a couple of days ago so it was really nice to spend some extra time with him before he left.  After a bit of shopping, we went to the cinema to see a film I have been dying to see for such a long time! The BFG.  This classic was a firm favourite when I was a kid so I’m thrilled to say that the new update was just as wonderful as the original, especially the amazing Ruby Barnhill who played Sophie.  I then spent the evening with friends at a private event, where there was plenty of music, cake and gin.  I obviously had a great time.

The next day, I miraculously didn’t have a hangover, the sun was out and I was feeling good!  I went back to Boston Tea Party to have another brunch with my friends.

Don’t judge me.  I love brunch.

Again, the food was delicious but this brunch was even more special because my lovely friends bought my entry to the Blue Lagoon for my birthday.  Some of you may know that I’m travelling to Iceland, my number one bucket list destination, in three weeks time so this was a really special gift for me.  We soon set off on a trip to Retallack Resort, a leisure complex just outside of Newquay.   Retallack Aqua Park is one of the most popular attractions at the resort and it’s basically a giant inflatable assault course situated on a lake.  Think of it as a smaller, child friendly Total Wipeout.  The assault course consists of a wobbleboard, a trampoline, three slides and much more!  We all paid £15 for an hour in the park, which may not seem like a lot but, trust me, by the end of the hour we were absolutely exhausted!  I have to admit the changing rooms were a bit basic and the staff were hit and miss with their assistance.  However, the aqua park was so much fun that it absolutely made up for the other failings.  All twelve of us had an amazing time and we would absolutely go back their again in the future.

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Water babies at @retallackaquapark 🐳

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After our session, we were all exhausted and starving so we finished off the day with a trip to an American Diner where we stuffed our faces with an unbelievable amount of food.

It’s safe to say I had an amazing weekend and I certainly felt very spoilt to be surrounded by such generous friends and family.

Bring on 25!


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