Be More Bridget

Last week, I was invited to the ultimate girly event of the month involving cocktails, pizza and a screening of Bridget Jones’s Baby.  Now I’m really not a very girly person, I spent my teens running away from anything pink and living in muddy trainers but even I could get on board with this!  I mean, who doesn’t love Bridget?  I was slightly worried that the film wouldn’t live up to expectations but I can happily confirm that the new addition is arguably the best film out of the Bridget Jones trilogy.  It really was laugh out loud funny so go check it out if you get the chance.

After the film came to a blissfully romantic end, my brain went into overdrive and I had a thought.  Bridget Jones is a loved national treasure and a character we all wish we could befriend but that doesn’t change the fact that she is still a character we enjoy laughing at.  Don’t get me wrong, we laugh out of love rather than mockery but there’s still a tiny part of us that thanks the high heavens that we aren’t as clumsy/ awkward/ silly as Bridget.  We totally understand her obsession with Ben and Jerry’s and relate to her ability to rap whilst drinking wine (Anyone? No? Just me?) but we still leave the cinema in happy comfort that we hold ourselves together a tiny tiny bit better than Bridget.  It’s schadenfreude baby and it’s a totally normal, albeit weird, survival instinct!  However, I’m wondering whether anybody else has considered what life would be like if we all gave a little less of a fudge and lived more like Bridget?  Sounds good right?  Here’s why:

  1. Despite Bridget’s best efforts, she is notorious for her ‘epic fail’ moments but the only reason she gets to that point is because she’s just trying to make an effort.  Bridget Jones follows her gut and truly steps out of her comfort zone to fight for something she believes in, no matter how idiotic the idea may be.  In the first film, she didn’t say ‘Oh, it’s snowing and I’m not dressed.  Pffft CBA, I’ll just call Mark tomorrow and apologise for my foul mouthed diary’.  She ran out in a white blanket London in leopard print underwear so she could find the man she loves.  That takes balls and for that, I salute you Bridget.
  2. Bridget knows her flaws but she learns to work with them!  She is painfully aware that she drinks/ smokes/ eats too much and has made one too many bad choices in her life but she accepts and works with them.  Don’t get me wrong, Bridget would love to have the perfect life and a slightly slimmer waist line but she knows you have to work with what you’ve got. Without this frame of mind, she never would have befriended her statement pair of lycra granny pants.  And those infamous pants helped Bridget seduce the charming Daniel Cleaver.  See where I’m going with this?
  3. Bridget Jones is one of the best balanced lifestyle ambassadors in the world!  Bridget could get into quinoa and all things healthy because she knows it’s good for you but she also knows life is too short to live on a juice diet.  If your having a tough day, sometimes you really need a bloody massive glass of wine or that favourite bar of chocolate.  She’s not perfect but she enjoys life and stays true to herself and those are ideals I can stick to!

Don’t get me wrong, Bridget has a hell of a lot of flaws too and I’m not saying we should all quit our jobs to have a duvet day with ice cream but is it so wrong to relax and live a little more?  I don’t want to have the same life as Bridget Jones but I would be happy to incorporate some of her values.  Go and run half naked in the snow, go and wear a bunny outfit to a posh party, just go and be more Bridget!

*Although I was invited to this event, I was not paid in any way and all opinions are my own.


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