Lush Winter Collection

On Monday, I was a really lucky girl and I mean a really lucky girl.  On Monday, I attended my first Lush blogger event and it was just lovely.   I don’t really like using the word lovely but it really was just the loveliest evening as I got to preview their latest collection.  If I’m honest, they really couldn’t have done anything wrong because they weren’t introducing any old collection, they were introducing their Winter collection . . . !

*Pause for happy dance*

Of all the seasons, Autumn and Winer are my absolute favourites because of two things: Halloween and Christmas.  I know, I probably sound seriously basic as I sit here cradling my Pumpkin Spiced Latte with a big smile on my face but I don’t care, I love it.  So, I was more than excited to preview the 2016 Winter Collection from Lush.




The night was filled with cosmetics, games and baked goods and I left the store many hours later with more than a few favourite products and I’d love to tell you about them. Obviously, Lush showed us lots products, all of which are beautiful, but as much as I love reading twenty page blog posts, I’m sure you have better things to do so I’ve cut it down and picked out my favourites.




Starting with Halloween, the first thing I noticed was the abundance of cute takes on the scary season.  I am a big fan of their sweet, ghoul shaped bath melt called ‘Boo’, your cosmetic friendly ghost.  It has a really lovely mix of ginger and cocoa which makes me feel all warm inside.  I also LOVED, and couldn’t resist coming home with, the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar.  If the jazzy exterior isn’t enough to grab your attention, it has a really fruity smell and turns your bath water a beautiful shade of orange.  Alongside this, Lush have released an Autumn Leaf bath bomb.  Although I wasn’t a massive fan of the smell, it’s made up of pretty pastel shades that become really vivd when used in water. Finally, if you’re a fan of shimmer bars, you’re going to love Goth Fairy because it moisturises your skin whilst leaving a beautiful iridescent shine (which you can kind of see in the picture).  I ended up buying my own by the end of the night as I thought it would make a fantastic highlighter and it hasn’t let me down so far.  The only disappointment is the tiny size, making this product a bit expensive but it looks like it’s going to last a while so I still think it’s worth considering.


Onto my favourite festive season, Christmas!  The first thing that seriously impressed me was the Lush gift sets.  Christmas and Games go hand in hand so, being the geniuses that they are, Lush have made a set of interactive gift sets.  It seems Lush want to celebrate the spirit of Christmas by getting friends and family to bond over cosmetics and hoopla, as demonstrated in one of our games breaks!  We ended up playing hoopla with one of the gift sets and Rubik’s cube with another and I have to say, I’m a fan.

Anyway, onto the products!  Starting off with my favourite, the Sleepy body lotion. I think Sleepy is limited edition which really makes me upset because it has the most festive and calming scent of them all.  I’ve used Sleepy both nights since buying it and both nights I’ve gone to sleep looking like a hamster with lathered hands next to my nose.  I used to associate lavender with elderly ladies but Lush have cleverly paired it with sweet tonka to create a rich, comforting scent.


Some other favourites are the many many reusable bubble bars.  As much as I like bath bombs, I’m sometimes reluctant to spend money on a one time experience but bubble bars are a perfect solution to this problem!  From The Santasaurus to The Magic of Christmas wand, which I was luckily gifted, these reusable sticks are packed with Christmas punch, are incredibly simple to use and much more friendly to the purse strings.



Others to mention are The Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub which is really effective and yummy, the Lord of Disrule shower gel and Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb that smell incredible and the Northern Lights bath bomb which pours out the prettiest colours I’ve ever seen in a bath!



However, the main thing that astounded me about Lush was how much detail they put into their products.  You can see individual letters to Santa when you cut through Santa’s Letterbox soap. The Golden Wonder bath bomb makes a sound when you shake it to represent shaking your Christmas presents.  The Snowie bubble bar, inspired by David Bowie, contains Neroli which is scientifically proven to make people feel more cheerful, Lush’s way of helping us see the light after David Bowie’s death.  Even if you forget that most of their products are alcohol free and hand made, the attention to detail in this collection is stunning.  I’m not a fan of all of their products (dare I say it, the much loved Snow Fairy really isn’t for me) but I am absolutely on board with the Lush ethos and their Winter collection is absolutely beautiful.  I can’t afford to buy Lush products all the time but I’ve already bought some gifts from their collection because it’s nearly Christmas, why the hell not?!

Thanks to the Lush team for inviting me to a lovely evening!  Check out my page next week to hear the first of my two part Iceland series!

*I was luckily gifted some Lush products at their event but all of my thoughts and opinions are completely genuine, regardless of whether something has been given to me or not.



  1. My youngest daughter is crazy about Lush, and introduced me to the fabulous products. I have to admit that although they’re great to use (and ‘wear’), my favourite thing about them is that they make my whole house smell divine after I’ve used them.

    Just to make you a little green …. I live just a few minutes from the home of Lush, in Dorset.


  2. Same! They smell soooo good! At the event I kept smelling everything but lots of their products are covered in glitter so I came away with a very sparkly nose 🙂 Thats amazing! You could pop in and get some goodies whenever you like. x


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