Take A Break

No, this post is not sponsored by Kit Kat (although, if they’re interested I’m totally available).  As I am a narcissistic and indulgent person, today’s post is actually a note of advice to myself.  However, this doesn’t mean it won’t hold an element of truth for many others so I wanted to share my two cents with you.

Having recently finished work on an intense contract, I’m currently spending my time dreaming about wrapping myself in a soft duvet all day. I’m tired. Very tired actually. So tired that I woke up yesterday and looked in the mirror to discover I had aged ten years.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme but there was definitely something reminiscent of the evil witches in Stardust.  During this time, my diet had gone to pieces, I was as hydrated as a prune and sleep had simply given up on me.  When I finished the contract there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to rest.   It’s a point I’ve reached many times before, as I’m sure you have too, and we all know deep down that it’s time to hibernate.  Just for a little bit.

However, when my first proper day off rolled around, for some god forsaken reason, my brain overruled the perfect duvet day for swimming, stripping wallpaper and a hike.

I can hear you now, ‘Is she crazy?’

Almost definitely!

I don’t know what I was thinking because Tuesday rolled around very quickly and I had to go back to work for a day.  Cue Wednesday, I’m still knackered and starting to get tiredness headaches and yet I’m continuing to fill my days with work.

Learning when to stop and take a guilt free break is a little bit of a problem for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one who relates to my struggle. My parents would probably describe my younger self as contrary and bossy but I liked to call it determined and proactive.  These attributes are still with me today and I’m proud of them but when you live in a world where emails are permanently accessible and your phone is more organised than you’ll ever be, it’s hard not to feel guilty for taking a break. It’s tough.

In the fast paced, over-active and technologically empowered society that we live in, it’s incredibly difficult to go against the crowd and take the time to chill out.  How come in a technologically advanced society, we’re now more overworked and overwhelmed then ever before?  Somewhere my brain thinks if I’m not active or working in some form then I’m wasting time, a traditional twenty first century point of view that The Guardian call ‘The Exhaustion Epidemic’.  It’s completely go-into-a-bath-with-a-hairdryer crazy but we’re all susceptible to the pressure.  Which is why now is the time to give ourselves a mental hug and have the unified thought of ‘Wow. Yeah, I need to take a break!’.  I personally need about one day a week for my brain to press reset but the actual amount of time doesn’t really matter.  It’s the action of giving your mind permission to stop and reflect that means the most and we shouldn’t feel guilty for it.

So go!  Grab a branded chocolate bar of your choosing and kick back.  You’ve earned it.


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