2017 Travel Wish List

Happy Friday everybody!  I hope you’ve had a great week and are now enjoying that Friday feeling, I know I am.

A month ago, I wrote a post entitled Let’s Travel The World, in the hope that we’d all put our adventurous hats on and get that wanderlust feeling.  Thanks to a few rounds of gin, I found I was overcome with wisdom and declared that in order to travel more we needed to make specific goals.  So, as a sober response to myself, I’m going to practice what I preach and list my top destinations for 2017!


Why not go big and start with one of the busiest and ultra modern capitals of the world, Tokyo.  I would really love for 2017 to be the year I FINALLY travel to Asia and visit one of the most vibrant cities around.  As the most populous metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo completely fascinates me and I would love to explore their many museums and districts.  The Japanese culture seems incredibly vibrant and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before so I hope 2017 will be the year to take me there.


Sweden/ Norway

There are so many wonderful countries in the world and, god knows, I would love to explore Oceania, Asia and South America.  However, it’s very easy to forget about all the unique countries right on my doorstep!  I’ve only travelled to a few countries in Europe but I would really love to see some more. Thankfully, last year I got to travel to one of my favourite countries, Iceland, and I loved it so much that I’d like to continue to explore more Nordic countries, such as Sweden and Norway.  I’ve heard lovely things about Stockholm and Oslo, including their amazing bread and beautiful architecture, so they’re going straight onto my wish list.

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We all know the UK isn’t the most exotic of destinations.  Strangely, not many people like to spend their weekends hiking around wet countrysides pouring with rain, huh.  However, as a born and bred Brit, I’ve hardly explored my own country at all.  Seriously, I only know about ten counties in the UK and that’s it so I think it’a high time I actually visit some more beautiful British towns.  Don’t ask me where as I haven’t figured that out yet but it’s gonna happen!



Furthering my quest to travel Europe, I figured after exploring some of the coldest countries, it would be nice to go somewhere hot too.  Hence, Greece!  I’ve heard great things about the Greek islands, including friendly people, cheap wine and stunning landscapes.  All of which are my favourite things!  Plus, literally everyone I know has visited Greece so I’d quite like to join the club and rave about my fabulous time sipping Greek wine.



Frankly, this last location hasn’t got a hope in hell of happening this year thanks to lack of time and money (yay, adulting).  And yet, this is a wish list so I figured there’s no harm in dreaming big and adding it to the list.  For a long time, I’ve dreamt of exploring Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence and many more areas of Italy, with a sneaky trip to San Marino.  Although, I’ve had the option to go for a quick break, my dream is to truly explore this beautiful country to the max so I’m holding out for a ten day trip to Italy.  One day, maybe not this year but some day, I’m going to travel all over Italy and it’s going to be bellissimo!

So that’s my travel wish list for 2017!  I’ve tried to keep a nice balance of slightly realistic and bloody ambitious.  I think I may be teetering towards the ambitious side whenever I take a glance at my bank balance (ouch, it hurts), but oh well. If everything goes swimmingly then 2017 is going to be one hell of a year!


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